Thursday, February 02, 2006

So, the other day I find my film camera that I haven't used since Jeff bought me my digital...LAST CHRISTMAS. Guess what, I actually had film in it. Kind of weird to see photos a year apart. Enjoy!

In the Xmas 04 picture, Ben is in blue and Connor is in white. They are so little and cute.

Here is Austin and Ben.

Here is Connor.

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Karen said...

Jen, You have such beautiful boys! I bet they keep you running! I know the boys can be mean as Caleb is and boy he sure can be sweet and mischevious all in one. You gotta love em' though! I hope things get better with Connor's rash and Austins Dr.s appt goes well! Oh and Happy Birthday to the Twins you mentioned they shared Cameran's Birhtday which makes it all the more special. Best Wishes!

Karen -IS Group