Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So it's been a long few days... we've been having a ton of trouble with speeders on our street. It's an on going problem and the neighbors are constantly calling the police. Well over the past two weeks, we've noticed an increased police presence. We've been very appreciative. On Monday evening, they got 4 speeders in about 40 minutes. I was outside talking to Jeff and Nay, and our neighbor Chris came over. She was telling us about an incident earlier in the day with a speeder. She hollered for him to slow day and he proceeded to let out a string of obscenities. Well don't you know as she's telling us this story, the cop manages to pull that kid over for speeding right in front of where we were. So after the cop writes the ticket, we tell him about the earlier incident and how she had called the station regarding it. Chris runs a day care from her home, so retaliation is always a concern. Well last night I notice a bunch of police activity at her house. The passeneger from the car the day prior lives behind her. As she was sitting with her kids yesterday she saw him on the roof with a gun. It turns out it was a pellet gun, but it has the neighborhood all shook up. The kid is probably about 18 and his parents have no control over him. It's scary because we don't know how to handle it. Unless he does something major, the police can't do anything. It's so frustrating.

To make my day better, I took Connor to the developmental pediatrician yesterday. To make a long story short, he sees a lot of PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) characteristics. I don't think we left there with an actual diagnosis, but it's something we need to watch closely. On top of that, he feels with Austin's prior history that we should have a neuro work up...EEG, MRI and genetic testing for Tuberous Sclerosis. He's curious if Connor has the same mutation that Austin and Jeff do. Now we just have to figure how to get this all covered by insurance...especially the TS test since it is $500.

It's never easy...sigh... but we'll keep you posted. And please use caution if you are in our neighborhood.

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