Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well the EEG is done. It was ROUGH! They wanted him sleep deprived which means he was all that much more cranky before we got there. Then I find out that the lab is on the 9th floor...and Connor is TERRIFIED of elevators. And don't you know the damn thing stopped on every floor on the way up. And he doesn't just cry, he trembles and fights to get away. At each stop he'd say 'done?'. And I'd have to say not yet, the doors would close and he'd freak again. I was exhausted by the time we got to the lab. Then the poor tech had to try and get the leads on his head. The application of the leads doesn't hurt (well the paste they used yesterday doesn't, the glue they use for long term tests does a little). He fought so hard we ended up having to strap him to a papoose board. I just couldn't hold him still enough. He finally cried himself to sleep after about 10 minutes. It sucks to sit there and watch them as scared as they are. The test was about 40 minutes, of which they let him sleep for about 25. I was actually able to watch the screen this time...not that I know what the hell I am looking for. Then we tried to slowly wake him so we could watch the transition. They ended the test with a strobe light to check for photosensitivity seizures. He was more than happy to get the leads off, but then we had to deal with the elevator again. I can only hope it's normal so we don't have to put him through this again. We don't have results yet, but the tech said it's usually a 24 hour turn around time. I hope I will know something by Friday. I will keep pushing to get the answers as soon as possible so that if need be he can go to Boston with us on May 10-11th.

Keep you posted.

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