Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Talked to Dr Riviello today. he sadi he'd be glad to look at Connor. So, C will be taking the trip to Boston with us. And lucky him, we plan to hit the aquarium this time. Poor Ben will miss out :( I am more concerned on how Ben will handle the seperation.

Now for some good news...we met with the school baord today regarding Austin's therapy. He is doing so well, he has been released from speech and spec ed. He'll continue through the end of the school year. We sure are going to miss his teachers though. Anyone have any great teacher gift ideas??? They have done so much for him, I'd like something really memorable. Although his speech and cognition are on target for his age, the would like him to have an OT (occupational ther) eval for his fine motor skills. We'll keep you posted.

Out for now...

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Kelly said...

So no more word on Connor's EEG from Riviello?

Hmmm, teacher gift. It depends on how in depth you want.

-There's "Cookie Bouquets"--those are really cool.
-There's gift certificates--like to a day spa or for a foot massage (to relieve stress!)
-Or you could always make something--I could give you a cool website if you need it.

Let us know what you decide to do in the end!