Monday, August 07, 2006

What a week! We spent the first part preparing to go camping, while Jeff was trying to finish his final project for school. It was all worth it though.

We left Friday mid day and camped with Jeff (aka yolk lentil spatula spank) and Nay (aka Where praytell might your keys be) and Ken (fire master), Mindy & Kaya. It was a great weekend...perfect mosquitos!

We got to Luzerne around 2pm to find Jeff and Nay trying to dry out from the previous night's rain. The sites are very wooded, not allowing for much sun. Jeff and I set up at the site next door, then he prepped the lantern. Jeff Layton was 'bright enough' to ask if Jeff was going to put new lentil's on the lantern...yeah, those would be MANTLES not lentils! Hence, part of his name. Nay earned her name by not once, but TWICE asking Jeff where his keys were...even though we were listening to his car stereo!

Ken, Mindy and Kaya arrived around 7:30 and the camping trip got under way. As I said the weather was perfect! It was a nice relaxing kids to mind (well Kaya's ten, so it wasn't too much work), no clocks. We really did NOTHING. Wish we could do it more often! Here are some pictures.

Jeff, Nay, Ken, Mindy & Kaya's site
Below is the site Jeff and I stayed on

Below is the dinner Jeff and I cooked on Saturday night...chicken, pork and fried potatos...YUM! Jeff and Jeff even did the dishes...well no dishes, but all the pans and utensils, afterwards! What a treat!!

Below is our fire Saturday night. Ken is the fire master!

This would be the hammock that I spent my whole weekend in. It was nice and relaxing....hence my name Princess Penelope Bananahammock.

Packing to head home :(

Austin, Ben & Connor were VERY happy to have Mommy & Daddy home. Thank you everyone for watching our kids so we could enjoy a weekend away!

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