Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ben being a ham as always!

Connor put the hat on himself. he was so proud!

Austin listening to his DVD player as we head to CT to visit Aunt Cindy and Uncle Andy.

Austin eating breakfast with Daddy at the hospital.


Karen said...

Jen, you have the most beautiful boys!!! I love their big beautiful blue eyes and that blonde hair the girls are gonna be chasing after all of them! I'm so glad to hear that things went well and that he is doing better with his classes. I just pray that those nasty seizures stay away!!! I updated Camerans site last night I too have been out of the loop for a while we have been down with the YUCKS for about 2 weeks now! Ugghhh, I'm still waiting for my energy to come back! Poor little Cam though she is just having a tough time! Well talk to ya soon tell the Boys to keep up with all the great work!!!

Karen (IS Group)

Nicky said...

You and Jeff are doing a great job with the kids! Glad to hear Austin is doing so well.