Monday, March 20, 2006

I think Austin is FINALLY feeling better. For the past week he has battled a cold and a high fever. Of course anytime there is a fever there is an increased chance for seizures. I did see some shaking a time or two but nothing too troubling. Thank goodness!

Connor has had a fabulous weekend of speech development. I even got him to say 'love you' back to me. After so long of not much improvement, this is great! Ben continues to amaze us with his speech. He is now using sentences!

Had Sharon and Barbara's birthday party this weekend. can't believe they are 17. Doesn't seem possible.

Guess that's all for now...just sitting here, waiting for Spring to arrive.

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Nicky said...

Glad to hear Austin is better!

Can't wait until we can get together!!

When is Cindy's baby due?