Friday, June 09, 2006

So I jinxed myself...on Wednesday I said how great Ben is and that I never had anything to say about him...well he must have known I wrote that. On Wednesday we were at Gram Hill's for a cook out (well more of a cook in since it is never going to stop raining!!). Anyway, just before we are getting ready to leave he decides to 'throw himself' headfirst at a metal truck. He got a deep gash just above his right eyebrow. Luckily Fire Chief Uncle Bill was there and got the bleeding stopped, steri stripped it and off to the ER we went. 2+ hours later, they Dermabonded (aka superglued) it shut and we were on our way home. Poor kid...heck of a way to get some attention. I will try a post a pic over the weekend. He's doing fine though...he was more mad that we kept holding him down to look at it and stuff.

Connor's first day of playgroup went well. He had fun, but it was a struggle to keep him focused on what the group was doing. All part of the PDD. Hopefully with time it'll get better.

All for now...

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