Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I See Dead People

Well, not me personally...but we think Connor might.

A few weeks ago Connor came home from Aunt Karen's house asking where Anna was. We asked if he meant Nana and he said 'No, Anna'. So I went to he school notebook to check his class list...and no Anna. We don't know an Anna, so we let it drop.

Last week he was at Aunt Karen's and was asking about Anna. My cousin Morgan asked him some questions about Anna, what color hair, glasses, how tall, etc. He pointed to a picture way up on a shelf and said 'Anna'. Now this picture had 4 people in it...none that Connor knows. So Morgan takes the picture down and asks Connor to point to Anna. He points to Karen's mother who passed away about 3 years ago...before he was born!

We are a little freaked out, but if 'angels' are watching over him...I am not one to complain.

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