Monday, July 17, 2006

All week long Jeff and I eagerly look forward to the relax. Well, then why do we never relax?? By the time Sunday comes I am almost anxious to get back to work. Jeff and Eric went to get our new appliances on Friday night. Jeff was supposed to start on the cabinet Saturday morning. Well Sat morning became noon time. He worked hard and finally finished the cabinet about 11 pm. Sunday morning the cabinet was brought in and my oven installed...well installed but not yet wired. At least I can say I have an oven :)

Then we went to the Smith's for a cookout with Aunt Mary and Uncle John. The boys 'swam' and had fun. Jeff, the boys and I and Eric and Kelli went to a Valley Cats game after that. Chris and Rachel and Carli came also. Remind me NOT to bring three kids again. They don't really understand that you are supposed to watch the game :) They did like all the food and the misting tent. You should have seen the three boys and Carli all sharing one ice cream was cute. We packed it in at the bottom of the 7th though...they were getting cranky!

So it's Monday...back to work...sweating and a/c isn't working right :( ...can't wait to go home.

I'll post some picture of the kitchen work in progress soon.

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