Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ben & Connor are too cute. I find myself constantly taking pictures of them while they sleep. I guess it's because they seem so 'close' to each other...sometimes literally! Yes Ben is using Connor as a pillow. I swear they always start out in their own beds!

Have I mentioned that we are working in the kitchen? Our microwave died so I decided to replace the oven also. Well new cabinets are really expensive, so Jeff is going to modify the old one. At first we were just going to widen it completely and then Jeff decided to add counter space. So we are going to lower the oven and raise the microwave. Then we are going to order new countertops. I really wanted solid surface but at a starting price of $40/sq ft...I decided we'd stick with laminate for now. It's about a tenth of the cost. Of course now we have to repaint also. It was due anyway. We haven't repainted since we moved in over 7 years ago. Here is the work in progress.

Anyone see the moon last night...it was really red. I attempted to photograph it...not very well though! I guess you just had to see it :)

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