Thursday, July 13, 2006

So, on Tuesday night we went to Lebanon Valley to see the Monster Trucks. We were smart and waited until Tuesday afternoon to tell Austin. It was still a long ride of 'Are we there yets'! There were 8 monster trucks and some local drivers also. We got to see flips and rolls and fires.

To the left is Austin with his Monster Mutt truck(he also got a Grave Digger shirt). MM is his well as Grave Digger. Below is El Toro Loco and Allan Pezo and Predator. Coming around behind Predator is Maximum Destruction and Grave Digger.

Ya know, these trucks looked really small from the top of the bleachers...until a person stood next to them! It put everything into perspective.

Speaking of bleachers....I am not a big fan of LV's bleachers. They didn't seem really sturdy, especially because the four people to the right of me (and sharing my bench) totaled probably a ton...and no I am not exaggerating. I kept wondering what would I do if the bleachers started to give way...took some of the enjoyment out of the night :(

Below is Batman & Hot Wheels racing and then Batman doing some freestyle.

Here is Austin's favorite...Monster Mutt...really blurry, but his floppy ears are cute!

The only truck I didn't get a good picture of was Rolling Thunder...but he caught on fire.

And last but not least, the Green Mamba, a jet engine powered car. He raced along the track for awhile and then parked in front of an old junk car...which he proceeded to melt into a pile of molten metal. Pretty cool!

Austin was asleep about a mile from the track...not surprised since the show didn't end until 10:30.

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