Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy week....

Jeff and I visited Schonowe Preschool on Friday. This is an integrated school for typical and identified (love the PC terms!) kids. We have decided to send Connor there. It is a great program and we think he will flourish in it. Although...thanks to his occupation and speech therapists, he's been doing REALLY well. The last week or so there has been a TON of new words and he's even grouping 2 and 3 words together. This is a huge step for him. He is still supplementing with sign, but we are OK with that. We have also decided to send Ben to the same school. We feel he will be a good model for other kids and it'll give him a chance to socialize as well. Ben & Connor will be in different classes, but I think they will both enjoy it. They will start October 1st.

On Friday afternoon, Jeff and I went to the Great Escape with James and Morgan. Jeff felt the 'need' to play the games and we got a little more than we bargained for. Meet the newest member of the family. Thankfulyy we brought the truck and he was able to ride home in the bed of it.

Wanted to send out a big Congrats to Nik & Rob on their newest addition. Our 'couch' finally has another girl. Of course Elana and I have 6 boys between we need a couple more girls to balance out baby girls Jessa and Katie. Katie was born 7/15.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to 1 yr old Kenzie. Your party was lots of fun! Thanks for having us over.

Sunday we had dinner with Jeff's Uncle Rich and family, his grandparents from Florida and Mom & Dad & Eric. The cousins all got along great...only a few mishaps...Connor tumbled down the stairs and Ben cut his eye. Guess the boys got the accident prone gene from me :)

All for now...

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