Friday, July 28, 2006

I have great respect for people that don't have central air (or numerous AC units).

I was mowing yesterday afternoon in the blazing heat, all excited to walk into a nice cool house...except it wasn't that cool. So I check the thermostat...77 and it's set for 70...hmm. Figure it's just a momentary glitch. When Jeff got home I mentioned it to him, checked the thermostat again and now it was 78 in the house. Jeff went out to the unit...only to find a BLOCK OF ICE encasing all the piping. Not good! Remember this unit is only about 2 months old.

So we call our good friend Terry at Proulx Mechanical. He said we appear to have lost the charge and said he's send someone over first thing in the morning.

Last night had to have been the hottest, longest night. Since the kids were asleep when they got home, we stripped them to diapers and they managed to sleep through it with a fan on high. Can't say Jeff and I got much sleep though. Especially with wiggle worm Austin between us.

But bright and early this morning, Proulx Mechanical came out and re-charged the system...thank God for Jaime. I might actually sleep tonight!

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