Thursday, February 22, 2007


I meant to put in a story about Ben below the photo and completely forgot. Ben is our handiman and ALWAYS has to help...whether it's fixing something, or cleaning something, he is always there. He's also the mischievous one and our jokester.

Yesterday after I got home with the twins, I took the dog out. I stand on the deck right near the kitchen window. I can hear the kids, but I can't see them. I heard the junk drawer open and close. I wasn't too worried because I had removed the scissors a few weeks ago after I realized they could get to them.

I brought the dog in and started getting dinner ready. It was about then that I realized the house was REALLY quiet. I went in search of my little darlings. Austin's door was mostly shut, I knew they were watching Thomas the Tank Engine, but when I opened the door I noticed Ben shove something behind his back and flash me this dazzling smile. I guess the smile was to disguise the fact he was obviously doing something he knew he wasn't supposed to. Then I saw that Scoop (from Bob the Builder) was on his lap, belly up, with the battery compartment exposed. Then it hit me. There is still something in the drawer that Ben is very aware of! Our mini screwdrivers for changing batteries in toys.

The toy wasn't making noises like it is supposed to, so Ben decided HE was going to fix it! What are we going to do with him?!?

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