Monday, February 19, 2007

Update on My Dad

They found 6 blockages, one at 90%, one at 60% and 4 at 20%. They opened and put stents in the two greater blockages. The doctor feels the others will resolve with diet and quitting smoking. Here's hoping...

corrections: the 90% blockage was in the artery that runs behind the heart. They opened and stented that one. The 60% blockage is in an artery right near where a vein join. The dr did not touch this one for fear he'd cause a blockage in the vein. There was a third artery that had 5 20% blockages. Again, these were left alone to resolve by med and diet changes.

Dad is doing good and hopes to go home Tuesday.


Cindy said...

Thank God they found them when they did!!! Hope he feels better soon!

Kelly said...

Keep us posted.....hope y'all are doing ok!