Monday, February 19, 2007

The Rest

Now the rest of the weekend wrap up.

My cousin's son is still in the hospital. He had surgery to remove part of his intestines. He has Hirschsprungs Disease, which is where the intestinal tract lacks the neurons that spark the muscles to move the waste. He still isn't pooping after this latest surgery. We hope he's feeling better soon.

My niece Tiffany is off in Spain on a class trip and my sister Barbara is off in Costa Rica for a class trip. I am just the slightest bit jealous. I don't even have a passport, let alone a stamp to go in it! But I hope they are both having fun and I wish them safe journeys.

The not so good part to the weekend is that my Dad is in the hospital. He was admitted Friday night after experiencing chest pain. The doctor said there was a 50% chance that he had had a heart attack. They have scheduled a cardiac catheterization for today. The doctor thinks there is an 80% chance he will have to do some type of repair procedure after that...perhaps a stent.

Enough for today.

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