Monday, February 26, 2007

Barbara posted this...

well that was rly hard to do since pretty much everything i had to click on was in having a lot of fun here its so nice i went to the beach this weekend there farm as they call it (its more like a lake house) is right on the ocean they have a pool in the back yard but right outside the fence is the beach and then the ocean it was so pretty we went swimming and when the waves come we have to dive underneath them but it was rly scary cuz a lot of people drown n the waves rushing down on u is rly creepy so i went back up to shallower water but it was beautiful and at night we sat on the beach and watched the waves in the moonlight at we watched the sun set over the moutains i have great pictures and last week we went to see arenal an active volcano and we went to the hot springs they were so nice we sat at a bar that was in the water like the bar stools were in the water i had a bahama momma it was so good today we were supposed to go on a tour of san jose but we had to move that to wednesday because there is a riot in the city today and tomorrow we are going to isla tortuga which is supposed to be really after school im going to souveneir shops hopefully there will be a lot of stuff cus i havent bought like nething yet....n later tonight everyone is going to this girls house for chalupas oh and last night well about 430 this morning there was an earthquake it woke me up it scared me so bad cuz i was dreaming n then the whole house shook and it woke me up and i looked around the room and i couldnt remember where i was at first but then i remembered but it was annoying because so many dogs were barking after that not only our dog but there are a lot of strays too and they wouldnt shut up....i miss everybody a lot but i gotta go ill try n write later if i can but i think this is my last day at school and i doubt i can get on here at my house cuz i cant get to my email and i dont know the address but ill see what i can do byebye

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