Monday, October 02, 2006

Having some issues with Blogspot today...let's try this AGAIN.

Jeff and Jeff L spent Saturday up in the trees. We had some limbs to trim and my tree swing needed to be re-hung. And, I got to use my new camera to photograph them! The boys had 'fun' when they weren't reaizing how high they were. The max height was about 34 feet. I offered to go up and do it, but then they would have had to deal with the kids :)

Here is Jeff putting pruning paint on some exposed tree. and hanging my swing

Jeff L taking a ride!

Connor had his first day of school today. He was great when we first got there...ready to play, chatting, but when Mommy went to leave...he was NOT happy. They were able to re-direct him to trains and I guess he did good after that. As usual, he didn't want to clean up though. Overall he had a great day!

He has on his Thomas backpack! He loves it.

Don't you just love the hair?!? I have given up on trying to 'tame' it! I can't follow him around with a comb and spray bottle all his life!

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