Monday, October 02, 2006

I am a sap...and I know it.

I cry over the littlest things...including babies, pretty days, movies and even commercials. The commercial that gets me every time is the Toys for Tots one where the little boy walks up to the US Marine and asks if he's Santa Claus. The Marine, on duty, appears to ignore him, but holds out his hand to receive the toy truck the boy wants to donate. I cry every time...I am even tearing up talking about it. I think it's the whole austere, respectful Marine and the sensitive little boy who just wants to help someone out.

Anyway...I appear to have passed this same sensitivity onto Austin. Which is not a bad thing, I am proud I am raising a sensitive little boy...even if Jeff is slightly amused by it all. Let me explain...

On Saturday Austin didn't get his nap. He was overtired and cranky. Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey came on the Disney Channel. It's about two dogs and a cat who try and make their way back to their owners, two little boys and a little girl. Austin kept wanting me to sit and watch it with him, but as usual I was busy with laundry, dinner and everything else. After dinner (which Austin would not eat because the movie was on) I agreed to sit with him. It was just about over as I sat down. The family was standing outside their house when the first dog comes racing over the hill...only to be greeted by the ecstatic little boy. The older girl and oldest boy watch on, hoping their pets are following. A few moments later the cat comes racing over the hill and the little girl scoops him up, all smiles. This leaves just the oldest boy waiting for his dog...and more animals coming over the hill. The boy, acting strong, gives a 'speech' about how it's okay, his dog Shadow (who looks exactly like Karat) is old and he just couldn't make it. Now, I would tear up anyway, but Austin starts balling, tears rolling down his cheeks. I try my hardest to comfort him and tell him it'll be okay (as Jeff stands in the kitchen shaking his head at the two of us!), but I am crying now too. Just then the dog comes limping over the hill and the oldest boy runs to him, hugs him, tears flow...fade out.

Now Austin is crying even harder and manages to say... "This is a great movie...I love it". Followed shortly by..."Can I watch it again?"...

Not sure I can handle it.

Can someone pass the tissues please? See I can't even tell the story without tearing up.

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