Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keep Heaping, I'm as Strong as Atlas

As if one kid on antibiotics wasn't enough, now I have two kids on them...Ben for his ear and Connor for his sinuses. The NP feels that three weeks is long enough for one little boy to suffer.

Let's add to that that insurance still hasn't finished determining if they are going to approve Austin's EEG that is scheduled to begin Thursday, which should be a no-brainer[he he get it brainer!] since they've approved the last 15 or so of them and oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the NIA (national imaging alliance) has decided to reject the referral request for his brain MRI...am I forgetting anything...is there enough heaped on my shoulders right now?!?

No, then let's add in the recent neighborhood burglaries...and the strange car that Nay saw on the side of the road by our houses this morning...that should do it. Although the police claim they are close to arresting someone, he added in that locked doors and windows have yet to deter the thiefs! They are still breaking in in broad daylight, using front doors and windows. He also said they are avoiding houses with dogs that barked, but Karat isn't exactly a deterrant...for one, he doesn't bark and for two, he'd probably help them, as long as they pet him. He's cute, but the cheerios are drifting further apart everyday!

I think that's it, I'm still standing...good for today

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