Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Austin's OT and I met with the school's CPSE board today to review his therapy schedule and needs. We went in asking for a speech and special education evaluation and an increase to his OT therapy. We all feel that he has started to regress again. He is very smart but he is having troubles with auditory processing and attending to tasks. He can be given an assignment and understands what he has to do, but just can't/won't do it. He also is loosing ground in his OT skills. He can copy a circle and a plus but is incapable of drawing a square. He is no where near ready to begin writing letters. He just doesn't have the fine motor control. He also is still having difficulties feeding himself. He can do okay with a fork, but just can't control a spoon well. I try and encourage proper grip, but it ends up turning into a struggle and him deciding he doesn't want to eat. He doesn't want to fail, but he also is not receptive to constructive criticism.

The chairperson of the CPSE committee agreed to increase OT services. She is also requesting a new psych and speech evaluation. We are encouraged that the results of this will lead to additional services. Even though the services will be a huge help, we still think he won't be ready for kindergarten this fall. We just don't think he has the maturity and skills to handle the increasing demands. We aren't quite sure yet what we will do...perhaps a nursery school and some home schooling. We'll have to see how the next few months unfold before we firm up our plans. But at least we have some more ideas. We'll keep you posted.

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