Friday, January 19, 2007


** Update: Barbara got her acceptance letter from Wentworth on Saturday!**

Thought I would take the time to update the family on the college hunt for Sharon and Barbara.

Sharon wants me. She applied to SUNY Delhi and Russel Sage. RS offers a 3+2 program with RPI. She got into Delhi and Russel Sage, BUT Sage only accepted her for their math curriculum. She has decided that even though she's not happy with the math curriculum, that she REALLY wants to attend Russell Sage. There is the chance that she can try and transfer into the 3+2 program, but it may require some hard work. Personally I am just glad that I will still have a sister working at Bella Napoli. The thought of being cut off my pastries completely was scaring the heck out of me.

Barbara wants Cindy. She applied to SUNY Delhi, University of Hartford and Wentworth in Boston. She got into Delhi and Hartford but hasn't heard from Wentworth. She decided last week, before hearing from Hartford, that she wanted to go to Wentworth or Delhi and NOT Hartford. But, when she got her acceptance letter from Hartford yesterday, they were so happy with her grades that they accepted her into the Honors program AND gave her a $12K Presidential Scholarship, renewable yearly with a 3.0 GPA. I think she needs to re-think her plan. She still is anxiously awaiting news from Wentworth. It is a difficult program, but she loved it there.

So, Sharon has decided, but we are waiting on Barbara.

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