Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Austin did great yesterday. I was so surprised. Of course they have a tv right above the dentist chair so it helps take their mind off everything. He has one 'soft spot' on a molar and his front bottom teeth are slightly loose, but other than that, he did great.

And just because I am so crazy, I scheduled an appointment for the twins this morning. They happened to have a cancellation. I am a glutton for punishment. I hope they do as well as Austin. Of course they didn't have the bad dental experience to taint them like Austin did. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Winter has finally arrived. We are in a deep freeze...below zero wind chill. I really don't enjoy this aspect of the Northeast. Here are some pics of my bushes after Monday's freezing rain. Looks pretty but really not good for the plants. And then this morning I was out with the dog and I hear this huge crack. So loud it woke the neighbors up. I know it emanated from my deck, but I didn't see anything happen. I can only assume the boards were heaving due to the extreme cold.

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