Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EEG Done, Now We Wait

Despite the inclement weather yesterday and despite a call from the hospital verifying we were still coming...I was counting on this to be quick and painless as usual. Not sure what I was thinking. When we go to Boston, they lay him on a gurney and put his EEG leads in. He ALWAYS falls asleep. Well, something was different this time because he SCREAMED the entire time the poor tech was trying to put his leads on. He kept saying 'please don't put them in, please stop and please I don't want to'...well at least he was polite. That is one thing I can say for my boys, they are very polite. He even thanked her when she was done taking them out. She wasn't quite sure what to make of him.

They recorded for about an hour, maybe a little more. He slept for about half of it. They told me it would be read that afternoon, but it will take about 5 days for the report. I am hoping sooner rather than later. But at least it's done.

On today's agenda is a dentist appointment for Austin. Time to go make him hate me some more. The poor kid just doesn't get a break. He HATES the dentist!

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