Monday, January 29, 2007


I am a major slacker lately when it comes to the blog...and my stress level is high. Work is unbelieveably busy and my next week or so is crammed with appointments and stuff.

Tues- meeting regarding kindergarten
Wed- Connor to genetics
Fri- Austin to neuro, Ben & Connor to three yr check up
Sat- PartyLite Party
Sun- B&C's b-day party and Super Bowl
Tue- Austin's speech eval and school party for Ben
Wed- B&C's 3rd b-day, my mom's b-day, Austin's psych eval, school party for Connor
Fri- Jeff's b-day
Sat- Carli's party
Following Wed- 24 hr in hospital EEG for Austin

With all this going on, I am having a hard time concentrating at work and at home. Once this is past, I hope things will quiet down for a bit. So I am apologizing now if I am absent for long periods of time....bear with me, I will catch you up on the latest.

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