Thursday, January 04, 2007


I think I finally found some free time to post. It's been a long few weeks around here.

My kids had a GI bug the weekend before Christmas. I thought I escaped unscathed. I was VERY wrong. The stomach upset started on Friday. I managed to make it through Saturday and most of Sunday. New Year's Eve is our Anniversary and we always make dinner plans. I mustered up the energy to get dressed. I survived dinner and made it to the neighbor's for the Midnight toast. I was in bed by 1am when the GI bug hit full force. Thank God for family because I didn't move again for over 36 full hours. Not sure what I would have done if I had to take care of the kids also. By Tuesday afternoon, I felt semi-human and on Wednesday I made it to work. The only positive is that I managed to lose 8 lbs. Not a recommended weight loss program, but at least something good resulted from all that sick!

Despite this, I had a great Anniversary. Jeff and I have made it to 8 years. They have been long and sometimes rough with all the kids' troubles, but I thank Jeff for being so strong. No matter who was down, the other was there to bring them up. We made it through this together and the kids are doing pretty darn good. And although we said we weren't exchanging gifts, he bought me a beautiful pair of princess cut diamond studs....because I am a Princess! Hey, I have to get some perk for all the testosterone I deal with on a daily basis :)

So, although I am a few days late...I hope you all have a Happy, Healthy 2007!

Connor on New Year's Eve Day. I just don't understand what happens to my kids' hair while they sleep! Kids Stuff on Sirius has a song called 'My Hair had a Party Last Night". That is TRULY the only way to describe Ben & Connor's hair!

Jeff and I at dinner; the whole gang...Dean & Judy, in laws, Jeff & I and Kelli & Eric

Nadene & Jason; Becca, Cindy, Lindsay & Barbara

What in the world is this...see what happens when I leave my camera unattended at a party? I had a picture of someone's feet and this? I suppose it's better than the pictures of the urinals that people took with the table cameras at our wedding?!?

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