Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Note to MIL

Note to MIL- I hope when you read the title to the previous post, you didn't think I was refering to Austin being asked to leave school yesterday. I support your decision and he seemed properly chastised regarding it. He awoke from his nap stating he wanted to go to school on Wednesday and that he would behave and follow directions.

Note to others- Austin's mema is his nursery school teacher. When he wouldn't cooperate and engage in the required activities yesterday he was removed from the situation. Unfortunately I think the real problem is he is still not potty trained. The other boys have noticed and commented on it. I think this upsets Austin. At first I was upset that the boys were commenting, but I have decided that perhaps a little peer pressure will help this situation. Austin is not incapable of going potty in a toilet. He can do it, WHEN he wants and on his terms. Unfortunately, he is choosing not too. Although I have seen an increase in his desire to use the potty since the 'peer pressure' began.

I am open to advice from others on this situation.

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