Monday, December 04, 2006

Out-Teched By a 2 Year Old

We have multiple components hooked up to our TV...a VCR, a dual receiver DVR, a DVD, a stereo receiver and a CD player. It got to the point it required three remotes to watch something. We finally bought a (very expensive) universal remote. It made our lives MUCH easier.

Well on Saturday, while Jeff was at work, the boys were watching a show on the DVR. I slipped into the other room to eat a donut (w/o the help of kids) and overheard Ben asking to watch the Rudolph DVD. The next thing I know Austin is screaming. Ben got the remote and switched from the DVR to the DVD to watch Rudolph. Austin was not happy. BUT...the point is, it required Ben to first hit the activities button, then the watch a DVD button and then start up the DVD when the menu appeared. Most adults that visit our house need WRITTEN instructions on how to use the remote, but not Ben!

I think we are headed for trouble with that one...he's a little too smart for his own good!

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