Saturday, December 02, 2006

Parent Teacher Conference

Probably the quickest conference ever because they were running over 30 minutes behind schedule...but in sum...they all LOVE Connor (I have to admit he is the sweetest little boy). They think he is making wonderful progress, and expect even more from him when he starts attending full time in January.

It was such a hard decision to put him in an integrated classroom. After all we had been through with Austin, no one had ever suggested he go to an integrated class. Maybe it was because he started therapy at a younger age, or perhaps it was that by the time Austin was 'of age' for a classroom setting he was doing MUCH better. So when it was brought up with Connor, we weren't sure what to expect.

I am so glad we went forward with it. He is the baby of the room. He started at 32 months and most kids were already three and four, but the teachers feel that he's working at an appropriate level. It look forward to even greater progress at our next meeting.

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